Boot from Magneto-Optical Disk problems (HP1716T)

Boot from Magneto-Optical Disk problems (HP1716T)

Post by John Baker PD » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am attempting to configure a Solaris 2.4 system to boot from
a rewriteable magneto-optical disk via an HP1716T optical disk
drive.  I have upgraded the firmware of the 1716T drive to the
C2550X version found in the HP 1300T series (this makes the
drive appear as a direct access device -- type 0).

I have successfully formated (as a SUN0535 type disk) an optical
disk and have loaded Solaris 2.4 onto the disk.  All of the directories
and files seem to be properly placed onto the disk immediately
after the Solaris install process.  However, when I attempt to
reboot from the disk (SCSI ID 3), I get the message

        Trap #(hex) be

and the drive is accessed for a brief flash.  I get the same
message when I attempt to boot from an unformatted optical disk.
When I attempt to boot with no disk present, the drive flashes
until I insert a disk.  Then it fails the boot with the above

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I am doing wrong?
Please e-mail or post responses.  Thank you!

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