Resize Volume on A3500 LUNs with hotspare disk

Resize Volume on A3500 LUNs with hotspare disk

Post by Brid » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:58:41

The A3500 Array has been configured two RAID modules.: ec06-01 and
Module ec06-01 has two controllers:  A and B . Controller A has a
configured LUN c3t5d1 .  Controller B has a configured A RAID 5 LUN
c5t4d0 with five  36G disks and one hotspare disk.
Module ec06-02 has two controllers: A and B.  Controler A has a
configured RAID 1 LUN c2t5d1. Controller B has a configured RAID 5 LUN
c0t4d0 with five 36G disks and one hotspare disk.

All LUNs are under VxVm.

oradata volume  is created on oracled02(c0t4d0s2) and oracle volume on

Now I would like to vxresize oradata to increase 100g on

As oracled02(c2t5d1s2) is a different Module as oracled01(c2t5d1s2)
and it has a HOTSPARE disk, so I just wonder in this case  can user
vxresize or VMSA to resize the oradata?

Thanks for advice!


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Need some advices with the following issues:

A3500 Array with 7 D1000, created 5 Raid 5 LUNs.  LUNs are under
Veritas 3.1.
Now need to resize Veritas vol.
Can this be done by simply using vxresize or through VMSA without
considering the underlying disk structure?

Another question is can vxresize or VMSA be used to increase 100g for
a VOL at one time? The OS is 5.8. But Veritas 3.1 seems have many

Thanks for advice!

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