any ELM binary for Solaris 2.x ?

any ELM binary for Solaris 2.x ?

Post by Kit-pui WONG (kpw.. » Wed, 16 Mar 1994 01:07:30

Dear fans,

Do you know which FTP sites can I get ELM *binary*
for Solaris 2.x. Since I am so lazy to perform my
own compilation, I wish have the binary directly.

Any help.... help.... ?

Please address to my Internet directly.

Thanks in advance!



Other than COMPUSERVE, does anyone know where I can get a hold of
ELM binaries for SCO 3.2r4.2?  The machine does not have the dev
system and so I must rely on binaries.  If you know where I can
ftp them from, please let me know, along with the filename.

Thanks a bunch.


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