IPv6/IPv4 tunnel problems

IPv6/IPv4 tunnel problems

Post by Ihsan Doga » Tue, 29 Oct 2002 18:06:50


I'm trying to set up a IPv6/IPv4 tunnel with Solaris 8.

----------------- tdst up

ifconfig: plumb: ip.tun0: Invalid argument

What I'm doing wrong? I think, this command should work, because
it's described in the ifconfig manpage.

Regards, Ihsan...
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Hope you can help me with this one.

I have two IPv6 Linux machines with 2.1.88 kernel. These two machines
are separated (two network cards) with IPv4 Linux machine with 2.0.32
kernel. I need to transfer IPv6 traffic between these two machines so
that the trafic is tunneled on IPv4.

Can this be achieved easily?
If the answer is yes, I'd like to know how.

Thanks in advance.


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