Motif 2.0 for Solaris x86 2.4

Motif 2.0 for Solaris x86 2.4

Post by Enrico Badel » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

           OSF/Motif 2.0 (R) for Solaris-x86 2.4

I am pleased to announce the availability of  OSF/Motif  2.0
for  Solaris-x86  2.4; the port was done using OSF/Motif 2.0
source code tree  and  validated  with  OSF/Validation  Test
Suite (R).

The package is a complete runtime and  development  environ-
ment  providing all the necessary files to develop OSF/Motif


The distribution includes:

o   mwm window manager and binaries for  both  Open  Windows
    (X11R5) and X11R6

o   Shared and static libraries for Open Windows  and  X11R6

o   UIL support

o   Header and Include Files

o   Source code and precompiled copies of all OSF/Motif demo
    programs and libraries.

PostScript documentation is available only  on  request  and
with a extra charge because of it's size.


OSF/Motif 2.0 is a great enhancement  of  previous  releases
and   includes   many   new   widgets   such   as  ComboBox,
Container/IconGadget, CSText, Notebook, SpinBox.   Many  new
features  and  demos  have been added but the most important
aspects  are  extensibility,  performance  improvements  and
quality  (no  more  memory  leaks).  Email me for a complete
list of all new features in OSF/Motif-2.0


Solaris-x86 2.4 with a minimum  of  16M  RAM  and  25M  disk
space; add another 20M for the documentation.


Free technical support  is  available  via  email,  fax  and
phone, so do not hesitate to contact me.


Upgrade to minor releases of OSF/Motif 2.x and  all  patches
will  be  available  FREE  by email or ftp to all registered
users.  Cross-platform upgrades are also available  enabling
users of other vendors to upgrade to OSF/Motif 2.0.


Preferred shipping method is via ftp upload to your  machine
and  this  will  be done at no cost. All ftp uploads will be
performed within 2 work days from the arrival of your order.
I  will  accept to upload the full distribution by anonymous
ftp ONLY if there is a publicly writable  but  non  readable
directory to put the software in.

If you prefer a 3.5" floppy disk distribution please add $15
for media and insured air mail.

7.  COST

The cost of the full OSF/Motif 2.0 distribution is $149 plus
about  $15  shipping  if  delivery  is not via ftp. As noted
before, all PostScript documentation is  available  only  on
request an for and additional $15 because of it's size.


To place an order send your VISA or Master card  number  and
expiration date by email to one of these addresses

If you don't feel safe by sending your card  info  over  the
net you may fax it to +39-11-746487

In case you prefer a bank to bank wire transfer email me and
I'll  send  you the necessary information; you can also send
Eurocheques or Traveller Cheques by mail to

        Soft*Star s.r.l.
        Via Camburzano 9
        10143 Torino

In your order please clearly specify the information  neces-
sary to reach your machine by ftp.

Also please don't forget to include your postal address  for
the invoice and proof of purchase.

If you are in Europe please include your  VAT  ID;  if  this
information is missing I will have to add 19% VAT as per EEC


All applications that are statically  linked  (gcc  -static)
with  libXm  or libMrm libraries may be distributed to other
users that don't need to have  any  OSF/Motif-2.0  libraries


Distributors and dealers are welcomed. All trademarks are of
whoever owns them.


1. Motif 2.0 for Solaris x86 2.4

Anyone know where I can get this other than from OSF?  I'd prefer not to
have to compile and maintain the OSF Motif 2.0 distribution.

I haven't been able to locate any vendors distributing Motif 2.0 on the
Solaris x86 platform as of yet.  Any help would be much appreciated!


Gary Maier
Interact Financial Group, LP

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