RDIST, RSYNC or something else? replication

RDIST, RSYNC or something else? replication

Post by James R. Marchetti, I » Sat, 29 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Looking for anyone using Veritas Site Replicator on NFS servers, over a WAN
connection for redundancy and that likes its performance and failover

If you use it, let me know. I would like to know what you think of it, your
experiences, etc.

Also, if not using Site Replicator, what are you using? RDIST, RSYNC or
something else?

James Marchetti
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1. rdist does not do true replication - what can?

I'm using rdist to 'mirror' a filesystem from Machine A to Machine B
across the network(both Solaris 7). I use it because it can remove
extraneous files -
files deleted on A get deleted on B - cp,rcp can't do this. There is one

problem! As the man page for rdist says:

    The utility rdist  maintains copies  of  files  on  multiple
     hosts. It preserves the owner, group, mode, and modification
     time of the master copies, and can update programs that  are
     executing.  (Note:  rdist   does  not propagate ownership or
     mode changes when the file contents have not changed.)

It's the last bit which is the problem :-

"rdist   does  not propagate ownership or mode changes when the file
contents have not changed."

For true replication I need ownership/mode to be updated on Machine B as

they occur on Machine A even when file contents don't change.

Is there anything out there which will do true replication? It doesn't
seem much to ask for. I'm even prepared to consider commercial s/w.

Many thanks

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