Check for TCP checksum of Network Interface

Check for TCP checksum of Network Interface

Post by Hanh Nguye » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 09:05:04

Is there a way that I can check to see which of the network interfaces on my
SUN box uses hardware checksum.

Through various postings I have read on the NET, they seem to elude to the
running snoop to check the checksum value. I ran snoop and saw checksum
values but don't know how to interprete it because each checksum value is
different from the previous. Can any help?



1. seeking how to use TCP Checksum Off-load in my network driver

I am seeking infomation on how to use TCP Checksum Off-load to tell
the Solaris 8 stack not to handle it for both receives and transmits
(and let our NIC handle this compute-intensive task instead).

There is mention that Sun GigabitEthernet Adapter cards, Release 1.1
supports Sol-2.6 use of NIC features: TCP checksum offload & byte

There are limited bits of info in include files. For example

sys/strick.h indicates use of:
inetcksum_t's ick_xmit

stream.h has:
struct datab's unsigned u16:16; /* used to store hw-calculated cksum

#define STRUIO_IP 0x04 /* IP checksum stored in db_struioun */
#define STRUIO_ZC 0x08 /* mblk eligible for zero-copy */

strsub.h has:
struct zero_copy_kstat

Also /include/inet/tcp.h has tcp_sum field for outbound segments.

Do you have any advice? Thank you. -Weimin Tchen

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