8mm 112m Tape as Hi-8 Video?

8mm 112m Tape as Hi-8 Video?

Post by Thomas Wee » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi all...

I know this is a really strange request.. but I figured some of you old timer
admins would know...

Can you use a standard 4G 8mm 112m "D8" metal tape be used safely with a Hi-8
cam corder?

The density holes on the back of the cassette seem to be the same... But I was
not sure if noted the exact same formulation that Hi-8 tapes use.. or if
formulation was even the most important variable...?


Tom D Tek


8mm 112m Tape as Hi-8 Video?

Post by AIXMight » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00


i'm interested in the following class materials, in the order that i want most
first.  anyone wants to swap or trade or sell them?
i have some sun class materials and LOTS of AIX materials to exchange/swap...

ES-400   Ultra Enterprise 10000 Administrationo
SM-231   Ultra Enterprise Server Systems Maintenance
SA-349   Sun Enterprise Cluster HA Administration
SA-380B  Solaris[tm] 2.X Network Administration
SP-365B  Solaris[tm] 2.X Internals
SA-381   Solaris[tm] JumpStart
SA-385A  Solaris[tm] 2.X NIS+ Administration with Workshop
SA-388   Solaris[tm] 2.X Network Security
ST-370   Core Dump Analysis
SI-220B  System Interface Programming
SC-325   Trusted Solaris[tm] 2.X System Administration
SA-347   Volume Manager with StorEdge A5000

Orphy! :-)
Dallas, TX


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