Q: Howto add a non-Sun-IDE-Drive on Ultra 10 (Solaris 7)?

Q: Howto add a non-Sun-IDE-Drive on Ultra 10 (Solaris 7)?

Post by guba.. » Sat, 28 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I want to add a (non-Sun supplied) IDE drive (a flash drive from
Sandisk) to my U10 running Solaris 7 . I am a little bit confused and
concerned by all the posting reporting trouble.

What are the obstacles? Is there some kind of HOWTO?

Sun guaranties only for the IDE drives they distribute (those appear to
me as normal Seagate drives, right?).
Sun's IDE interface seem to obey pretty much the IDE standard; the
only(?) additional requirement seems to be that the drive must support
LBA mode.

Bernhard Gubanka

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Not necessarily. Is the Seagate 9GB IDE the SAME as the Sun drive? If so,
then I agree with you.

However, I have learnt (usually the hard way) that you get what you pay
for. E.G. in my opinion ( not always the same as anybody else's) I
would rather pay the extra for an IBM drive than a Quantum drive because
the are quieter, more robust, have better firmware, etc.

obviously, Your Mileage Might Vary.


"32K Memory Expansion Unit for IBM Personal Computer:     $325"
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