solaris 7 x86 hard drive/paritioning questions

solaris 7 x86 hard drive/paritioning questions

Post by mbw » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a few questions about installing solaris 7 for intel platform, I have
been halfway through the install before, even though I have a atapi/ide
cd-rom that's not on the HCL, i got a few little read errors, but it seemed
to keep on going fine. I got up to the part where it boots the kernel, and
you're in the gui, and you are asked to select the partitions. I currently
have a 1.5 wdc hard drive, which is just one big partition with win95 on it.
Which of course was the only thing I could see.  But I also have a 2.1 gig
seagate scsi drive on a i540 siig isa scsi adapter.  (which has a bunch of
screwed up linux partitions on it, because i cannot get redhat to install) i
was wondering if there's any way to make solaris see this scsi/adapter and
drive during the installation so I can install to the drive? It came with
drivers for win, dos, os/2, linux, unixware, and iux.  When solaris is doing
the hardware detection, I think it sees the isa card, but I'm not totally
sure, because it lists my sound card and joyport as 2 seperate isa cards
even though they are really one.  I see a 3rd isa card listed with out a
label, Im wondering if that's it? It lists all the other devices in my
system perfectly fine too.  Is there anyway if I go into that edit hardware
menu that I can make it see the scsi hd?  If not, will I be able to
partition my ide drive and put solaris on that? and how big should I make
the solaris partition? and also should it be the first or second partition?
or maybe should I just let solaris have the whole ide drive, and let win95
have the scsi drive? I have the ability to boot from either. But then again,
I would probably get lots of blue screens in win because it's on a hard
drive doesn't have the driver loaded up yet for the scsi adapter (this
happened when I first installed the adapter and the hard drive, I had to
disconnect the hard drive, install the drivers, and then reconnect it!)

Any comments or suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm attempting to move the hard drive on which I have Solaris installed
from my primary master IDE to my primary slave IDE (same hard drive,
simply changing how the PC recognizes it.)  It is currently c0d0s1 (and
other "c0d0sX's".)  If I were to make this change (from master to
slave), what would the drive become?  c1d0s1?  c0d1s1?  (does c stand
for controller and d for disk?)  What is the syntax for

I am unable to find documentation for this anywhere on Sun's website.
(BTW- I'm not too familiar w/ Solaris.)

Also, to make sure- the only place I need to make changes is in
/etc/vfstab right?

Thanks, Al

ps- two more questions.  

1. When Solaris is unable to find the drives as listed in /etc/vfstab,
it boots w/ everything read only.  Is there ANY way to boot with write
privs?  I tried single user mode and it wouldn't allow me to boot.

2.  I need to set my solaris up to use a gateway.  I remember from
setting up Solaris 7 a year ago that Sun calls "gateways" something
else.  What is it and what file do I need to edit?

Thanks much!

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