Sparc1(Solaris2.3) USR sportster problem

Sparc1(Solaris2.3) USR sportster problem

Post by The Cat's Me » Sun, 28 Aug 1994 16:25:17

Hi, I have a problem with my sparc. Following is as complete a
discription as I can give. If you need any more information, feel free
to mail me.I hope someone can help me on this one...

System: Sparc1
OS: Solaris 2.3
Modem: US Robotics Sportster 14,400 faxmodem. Connected over serial port
Problem: Modem picks up, but then doesnt dial.

I have set the two eeprom commands -

eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=true
eeprom ttya-rts-dtr-off=true

#pmadm -l

PMTAG           PMTYPE          SVCTAG          FLGS ID         <PMSPECIFIC>
zsmon           ttymon          ttyb            u       root    /dev/term/b I -
/usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttyb login:  -tvi925 y  #

(ie. nthing set for ttya)

OK, I have done a lot of setting up various files, and the setups look
like this.

The bottom lines now read

ACU cua/a - ANY usrv32-nec \D
Direct cua/b - Any direct

No change, but the dip switches on the modem are set correctly.

The following line was added

netcom Any ACU 9600 9855650 "" P_ZERO

The following lines were added or altered




Those are the setups. I try and dial, the modem SEEMS to pick up, but
then does not dial. There ARE _some_ signals _definitely_ getting
through. I have a working modem link from a mac. The setups of my
system are as follows.

Wall Jack           Sparc Modem      Mac Modem         Phone
  |                     | |            | |               |
  +---------------------+ +------------+ +---------------+

So, I have the connection active from the Mac. When I try and call up
from the sparc, the mac connection dies. Thus, the sparc modem is
TRYING to work, and is doing SOMETHING.

output looks like this. First from cu then from tip.

#cu -d netcom

Trying entry from '/etc/uucp/Systems' - device type ACU.
Device type ACU wanted
Trying device entry 'cua/a' from '/etc/uucp/Devices'.
processdev: calling setdevcfg(cu, ACU)
fd_mklock: ok
fixline(9, 9600)
gdial(usrv32-nec) called
Trying caller script 'usrv32-nec' from '/etc/uucp/Dialers'.
expect: ("")
got it
sendthem (DELAY
TE1V1X1Q0S2=255S12=255&A0&H1&M0&B0^M<NO CR>)
expect: (OK^M)
^M^JOK^Mgot it
sendthem (ECHO CHECK ON
A^JATTDDTT99885555665500^M^M<NO CR>)
expect: (CONNECT)
timed out

CHAT gdial(usrv32-nec) FAILED
set interface UNIX
getto ret -1
call cleanup(1)
call _mode(0)

and the output from tip is:

# tip netcom failed



1. Sparc1 + Solaris2.6 + Xsun = problem

Dear all,

I am working on a Utra Sparc 1, using Solaris 2.6 and the normal Xsun
X-server. Sometimes the complete Xsun *crashes*, leaving me baffled
with a text prompt.

I have tried to use the X11R6.3 X-server but that does not work at
all (starting it just gives me a black screen). Using Xsun24 (what I
found here also on my machine) seems to work (assuming that the
DISPLAY-variable is set to "machinename:0.0" instead of just ":0.0").
This is somewhat remarkable, because the display in the Ultra-1 is just
8-bit instead of 24-bits what the name suggests.

I wonder:
1. Does someone also have these problems with Xsun on a Ultra-1
using Solaris 2.6?
2. Can it be solved?
3. Is Xsun24 really a solution (and why does it work?:-))?


David Tax

David M.J. Tax                         Delft University of Technology
Pattern Recognition Group                                Lorentzweg 1
Faculty of Applied Sciences                          NL-2628 CJ Delft
Www:                     The Netherlands

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