Solaris 10 zones

Solaris 10 zones

Post by kanej » Mon, 22 Mar 2004 05:04:52

Would someone please explain what Solaris 10  "zones"  are ?



Solaris 10 zones

Post by Chris 'Saundo' Saunderso » Mon, 22 Mar 2004 07:15:53

> Would someone please explain what Solaris 10  "zones"  are ?

> Thanx

Solaris 10 zones are an interesting virtualization technique. Basically,
they're "zones" of resources that are virtualized and isolated aware from
each other, yet share the same base installation of Solaris. Seperate IP
addresses, process space, etc. I downloaded the current release from and have it loaded on my U5 with 4 zones booted.


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Solaris 10 zones

Post by APA » Mon, 22 Mar 2004 09:10:32

 > Would someone please explain what Solaris 10  "zones"  are ?
 > Thanx

The easiest place to find information would be

There are links here to docs and a forum. The architects participate in
this forum.

You may also find interresting.

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For example I have Sun server with quad FE card. I create 4 zones and each
zone is assigned specific FE port. Each zone has some specific default gw
configured to some real router. If I try to communicate from one zone to
another, will it go thru network via router like 2 different physical
machine or will they communicate virtually thru global zone without packets
ever leaving to NIC.
I would like to use Solaris containers for simulating lot of different pcs
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