gnu binutils binaries for solaris2.2

gnu binutils binaries for solaris2.2

Post by Ford Cre » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 04:28:34

I'm looking for the gnu binutils for a sparc running solaris2.2. If anybody has a compiled copy I could ftp or they could mail to me I would be gratefull.

Ford Crews
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1. linux binutils == gnu binutils?

What are the difference between the gnu binutils and
linux binutils?

I know:

1) gnu binutils - has a linux configuration
2) gnu binutils - can generate ELF
3) gnu binutils - compiles cleanly and works.
4) linux binutils - has some added options which are
   used during kernel (and related) compilation.

It is the fact that linux binutils has to
evolve with the kernel and it is changing
too quickly to be included in the gnu

Hansel - confused.

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