Bash 1.12 for Unicos 6.1.X and Solaris 2.X

Bash 1.12 for Unicos 6.1.X and Solaris 2.X

Post by William L. Jon » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 05:01:44

On under anonymous ftp  in the directory
/packages/gnu there is a file called bash-cray-solaris-1.12.tar.gz.  
It is the bash-1.12 source for a Cray XMP/YMP's running UNICOS 6.1.X and Sun
sparc's running Solaris 2.X.

There is a small chance that it might work on a Cray 2.  I don't have a
Cray 2 so I connot test it.  Even if it does not it should make a good base to
start a port of bash to a Cray 2.  It has the latest alloca.c source form
Emacs 19.X which supports both XMP/YMP's and Cray 2'.s.

Bill Jones


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SunOS 4 rather than Solaris.

Thanks for any pointers,

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