PCI Vendor/Device IDs and Solaris

PCI Vendor/Device IDs and Solaris

Post by Bruce Adle » Fri, 21 Jul 2000 04:00:00

> How does one update PCI Vendor/Device Ids for Solaris?

> For Linux it was quite easy to update (/usr/share/pci.ids) and the
> maintainer of the list responded within 3 hours indicating the changes
> were incorporated.

> I sent an email to the Solaris developers support over a week ago with
> no response.
> Does Solaris have a similar file?  I have not been able to locate one.

> I just want our boards to be recognized by our vendor/device id
> instead of the generic reading of the PCI class code indicating "cpu."

I assume you're referring to Solaris x86. If so then look at the file:


It contains the Vendor/Device IDS and the last field is the
descriptive text used by the DCA for known devices.

As to how you update that file without clashing with Sun's updates,
or how you get Sun to update it for you, you're on your own. AFAIK,
Sun still doesn't have a good story about how to handle third-party
driver writers. It's a good thing that there aren't boat-loads of
Solaris x86 third-party drivers since responsible Sun managers
wouldn't know what to do with themselves if there were. The handful
of third-party drivers in the master file they've got so far have
been handled on a case by case basis and generally disappear after
a year or so. It's been that way for at least the last four years
so don't expect something as trivial as with Linux. You could try
opening an official bug report (if you've got a support contract)
but some manager at Sun will probably reclassify it as an RFE and
then just ignore it.


1. program to map PCI vendor/device IDs to the "right" Linux driver


does anyone here know of a program that will go through
all the drivers included with the kernel package and
find the recommended driver for each PCI vendor/device ID?
alternatively, does anyone know of a project that is
already doing this?

the manual method of going through all the driver source
code is doable of course, but it seems if the info was
structured right in the driver source it could be extracted.

also, there are some drivers that have the same PCI
vendor and device IDs, but no explanation of which
is best.


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