XDM and GDM -- help!!!

XDM and GDM -- help!!!

Post by peter.. » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I cant seem to get Jbuilder to run properly when using a GNOME session
on Solaris 8.  Menus do not display properly.  Windows do not update
correctly.  Help!

I was told that using XDM instead of GDM fixes a problem similar to
this when running LINUX.  However - I'm running Solaris, not LINUX.
Does this still apply?  Where does Solaris keep information about what
sessions are which on the graphical login screen?

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1. gdm/xdm cannot start gnome-session - help!

I'm not sure what has caused this condition; it started
happening just after installing gtk and glib updates, but
may or may not be related.   Here's the problem:  The gdmgreet
screen appears prompting for login/password as normal.  After
entering ANY login/password (including root and any users), X
starts (I see the X background pixmap), but then exits out
immediately then pops up the gdmgreet again.  The only way to
nix this is to start up in multiuser mode (init level 3)
rather than GUI mode (level 5) by editting /etc/inittab, then
doing 'startx' and letting .Xclients govern the rest.  Even
then, getting gnome-session and icewm (or E) to work together
is really hosed.

Any ideas?  I've checked my /var/log/messages but don't see
anything unusual - except a message telling me that the
.Xauth:0 file (or something like that) cannot be unlinked
because it doesn't exist (it does exist, but the directory
that it's in is 750 and owned by root).  

Thanks in advance.

More Info on my system:

2.2.5-15 kernel, RH 6.0 install
on a Pentium 166MMX w/64MB RAM.

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