Pseudo Streams Driver On Solaris

Pseudo Streams Driver On Solaris

Post by Srinivasan Balaj » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

  I would really appreciate if you can help me with the following :

I have written a pseudo driver (module) in solaris which will sit below
IP layer and above the Device Driver (which is also a streams driver,
ATM NIC Driver). I have been able to load it as a streams module by
calling "modload mydriver" ( I had copied mydriver in the /kernel/drv)
  I have to do the following which I am not able to do, please help me
out :
  1. Open a device which will cause an open of "mydriver" ? My driver
supports clone opens, but I don't know how to open this driver from the
user application. I tried creating a device in the /dev directory but
the open system call [open("/dev/mydriver",O_RDWR)] fails with "no such
device". ls -l of mydriver in the /dev directory looked as follows :
/dev> pwd      
/dev> ls -l mydriver
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other         29 Feb 15 22:44 /dev/mydriver ->

 2. I want to plumb "mydriver" below IP. How do I do it ? My requirement
is that multiple streams of "mydriver" each with a different
configuration should be attached directly below IP (each will be
assigned a different IP address). How do I use "ifconfig" to assign IP
address to such a device , what interface address do I specify ?
       | IP  |
       |mydriver  |
       | ATM NIC Driver |
3. Is it possible to insert another module say "mydriver1" between IP
and mydriver ? How ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Srinivasan Balaji
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I'm looking for examples of pseudo stream drivers that works on
Solaris 7,8,9 (32 bits).
A simple example that can be installed with add_drv and plumbed with
ifconfig is fine.

    ifconfig mydrv0 plumb

I tried the psli driver from SUN, but it does not seem to work, it
crash my solaris station. Did someone already experienced troubles
with that driver?

Thanks a lot.
Jimmy B.

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