Strange networking problem with solaris 8

Strange networking problem with solaris 8

Post by Fredy Fische » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 02:36:52


I have a real strange situation I do not have any idea how to solve:

This is my situation:

(asuscom 850)

Sun solaris 8            Sun solaris 7             Win98
Win2000            Linux                  DHCP
DHCP              DHCP
                                 Local DNS-Server

/etc/nsswitch.con   hosts:    files dns

The local DNS-Server is:
options {
        directory    "/var/named";
        forward only;
        forwarders {; } ;


and serves my local zone

I can do all network connections to the internet on all systems exept
the Solaris 8 box.
This solaris 8 box only works with ping, not with http, ftp, telnet,
It is not a hardwareproblem onto my solaris 8 box, because I can do all
the networking
stuff within the internal network. And I have this behaviour onto two
machines (what in fact
is the reason for the Solaris 7 box) but now I rely onto Solaris 8
because of the SunBlade 100.

Every  help is very welcome

Many thanks



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Hi all,

I am running a E450 with two network cards. One to connect to our corporate
network, one for the SunRay VPN.
I am having a strange networking problem. Sometimes i cannot get through our
router from the Sun. I can ping the router, i can ping every host on our
internal network, but i cannot get on the internet.
Any other PC on our network can get in the internet fine. Same subnet, same
subnet mask and the strange thing is, sometimes it works, sometimes it
doesn't. Also accessing the Sun from our network or from the SunRays is
fine, so i don't think it's a network-card problem.
There is no way to tell what changes in the system to make it stop working.
The router is a Cisco 26xx, no IP filtering done, configuration never
changes. The Sun is connected to 3Com switches running on 100Mb FD, but
since the networkconnection is fine, this shouldn't be important.
Strange, strange, strange.

Any suggestions?



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