DHCP Win 2000 client with ISC DHCP server

DHCP Win 2000 client with ISC DHCP server

Post by Gerry O'Brie » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 00:11:56

    We have a setup where we run the ISC DHCP server for Windows 200
clients. It works fine this side of our router but not the far side. We
have seup "ip heleper-address" on the CISCO box and the DHCP protol gets
passed through from both side. Running netmon on the client show the
DISCOVER / OFFER / REQUEST / ACK sequence for the correct subnet. But it
fails on the client on the far side of the router with a network or
privilige access error when id do a "ipconfig/renew". Any ideas?


Gerry O'Brien


1. ISC DHCP server and Cisco proxy DHCP client feature...

A while back I asked the question, but no one replied....

While reading "Cisco Router Configuration" book by Cisco press (ISBN
1-57870-022-1). In chapter 4, when configuring dialup ppp

On page 207-208, it states :

"... the IOS software acts as a proxy DHCP client, requesting an IP
address from the DHCP server on behalf of the dialup client. This
configuration method is enabled by specifying the keyword parameter dhcp

to the peer default ip address command. The access server must also be
configured with the IP address of a DHCP server to query for address
requests via the IOS global configuration command ip dhcp-server. The IP

poos defined in the DHCP server would contain addresses from the IP
network address of the access servers's LAN interface..."

Similar info is at

My question is: Has anyone used this feature with the ISC DHCP server?
If so, what client identifier do the ciscos give the dhcp server (how
does the dhcp server  distinguish each port?) and more important: does
it work?

Sami Yousif

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