Problems with TrueColor on Xsun

Problems with TrueColor on Xsun

Post by Brian J. Bernstei » Thu, 07 May 1998 04:00:00


    Recently we patched our Solaris 2.6 machines with the latest
"recommended sun patches" and now some icons which I had in my front
panel are no longer appearing nor can I load them with Icon Editor.

    This appears to be effecting the icons which have (roughly) over
32/64 colors, and it seems that dt applications are running in 8-bit
mode on my 24-bit display card. The system is set to 24-bit (as told by
xdpyinfo), but after a little hacking around this evening, I discovered
that the problem is possibly the default color mode of the X server

    I tried this:

        On the Sun, command line login, and then typing: xsun :0
-nobanner -class TrueColor

            .. which starts the Xserver. I then used my PC (telnet) to
start the window manager (dtwm). This did not work.

        Next, I tried instead:  xsun :0 -nobanner -dev /dev/fb defclass
TrueColor -class TrueColor

            .. which w_o_r_k_e_d; my icons were reappearing and Icon
Editor (dticon) was once again recognizing and loading my high-color
icons, but some other colors (including front panel and the login
window) were screwy.

    The deal is, all of this stuff (front panel with high-color icons,
high-color backdrops, dticon, etc) worked FINE before the Solaris
patches. I even used Exceed on my PC, which is set to Auto color mode,
to start an Xsession on my Sun and that turned out to work just fine. I
can't figure out what might have changed, but I am asking for the

        A) a copy of the Xsun command line from someone's
/usr/dt/config/Xservers that has a 24-bit display and is using
high-color icons and/or backdrops


        B) an answer as to what to do :)

    Any response is greatly appreciated!

Brian J. Bernstein


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how can i get Suns X server in TrueColor mode? I coppied
/usr/dt/config/Xservers to /etc/dt/config and expanded the las line:

/dev/fb0 defclass TrueColor defdepth 24

But this didn't worked - Xsun server didn't run. After cleaning TrueColor
stuff all worked fine (but in 8 bit mode).

Please help.


PS: I'm using Matrx G200 MB on my PIentium III system.

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