dt login files - is it a plot?

dt login files - is it a plot?

Post by rea.. » Thu, 21 Jun 2001 02:30:04

Setup: Sol8 (intel) Recent install from Media kit 4/01

I think I've uncovered a sinister plot to turn away non expert users
from running Sol8, at least in KDE gui... : )

Trying to discover the mechanics of a desktop login as regards
sourcing of init scripts, I began to read the contents of

It explains how the desktop sources ~/.profile/~/.login depending
on shell, and explains at some length how to enclose certain kinds of
code in `if' clauses to prevent it being used in GUI login but allow it
in console.

All this based on a test of boolean truth of a variable called DT.

I have not found a  DT variable set after logging in.
And `if [ "$DT" ];then echo YES;fi'
Finds no value either.  I see several variables displayed by `env'
that begin with DT..  but not sure which are reliable indicators.

Moving on to check error logs... maybe some clues there.

In ~/.dt/errorlog  I find three entries all pointing to non existent

   Tue Jun 19 09:50:48 2001
   Workspace Manager: Invalid key specification on line 7 of
   configuration file /home/reader/.dt/en_US.ISO8859-1/dtwmrc

   Tue Jun 19 09:50:48 2001
   Workspace Manager: Invalid key specification on line 8 of
   configuration file /home/reader/.dt/en_US.ISO8859-1/dtwmrc

   Tue Jun 19 09:50:48 2001
   Workspace Manager: Invalid key specification on line 9 of
   configuration file /home/reader/.dt/en_US.ISO8859-1/dtwmrc

The first 31 lines of /home/reader/.dt/en_US.ISO8859-1/dtwmrc are
commented out boilerplate.

The next 17 are more boilerplate but uncommented, none of which
contains any key specifications.  

What are these errors pointing at?

So, where does one look for a non *y trapped unraveling of dt
login, init process.


1. ANNOUNCE: FMRTG: File based Web plotting tool with Solaris performance plots

I'm announcing the first release of my FMRTG package, which is based
on MRTG version 3, or RRD as it may otherwise be known.  A small
example of FMRTG at work is available at:


Here's part of the README from the package:

FMRTG is a tool useful for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto
a directory on Web server.  It has the following features:

  * Configuration file based.
  * Reads white space separated data files.
  * Watches data files for updates and sleeps between reads.
  * Finds new files at specified times.
  * Remembers the last modification times for files so they do not have to
    be reread continuously.
  * Can plot the same type of data from different files into different
    or the same GIFs.
  * Different plots can be created based on the filename.
  * Parses the date from the text files.
  * Create arbitrary plots of data from different columns.
  * Ignore columns or use the same column in many plots.
  * Add or remove columns from plots without having to deleting RRDs.
  * Plot the results of arbitrary Perl expressions, including mathematical
    ones, using one or more columns.
  * Group multiple columns into a single plot using regular expressions on
    the column titles.
  * Creates an HTML tree of HTML files and GIF plots.
  * Creates an index of URL links listing all available targets.
  * Creates an index of URL links listing all different plot types.
  * No separate CGI set up required.
  * Can be run under cron or it can sleep itself waiting for file updates
    based on when the file was last updated.

Included in the package with FMRTG is a modified version of the percollator.se
from the SE toolkit that generates the data that FMRTG plots.

FMRTG is available for free at


I welcome any suggestions, comments, feedback, etc.  If you use FMRTG, I'd
greatly appreciate it you could email the URL.

Blair Zajac

< 1K Download

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