Here is a fix for Exabyte 8500c problem

Here is a fix for Exabyte 8500c problem

Post by Henry Leparsk » Sun, 10 Jul 1994 00:54:02

Thanks to those who replied.

I called my Open Storage Solutions tech. contact and he had the answer.
This is not the first time that he has been a saviour!

It turns out that the 8500c was not supported in the 2.3 release.

Add the following to your /kernel/st.conf file  immediately below
the "target = 4 lun = 0" line, # /* Entry for Exabyte 8500C 8mm tape drive */

tape-config-list =
        "EXABYTE EXB8500C", "Exabyte 8MM /w compression",
        EXB8500C-data = 1,0x35,1024,0x0039,4,0x14,0x90,0x15,0x8c,3;

and reboot;

The devices supported are now;

8200            rst4 -> rmt/0lb
8200c           rst12 -> rmt/0mb
8500            rst20 -> rmt/0hb
8500c           rst28 -> rmt/0ub


Dept. of Astronomy              phone: 519 661-2111 ext. 8697
Univ. of Western Ontario        fax:   519 661-2009
London, ON, N6A 3K7


1. exabyte 8500c woes - FIXED!

A little while back I posted a question about how to configure Solaris 2.3
to be able to use the Exabyte 8500C properly. I finally got things working,
and all I had to do was stick a few lines at the top of the
/kernel/drv/st.conf file (and reboot with boot -r to be safe):

tape-config-list =
    "EXABYTE EXB8500C", "Exabyte(C) 8mm Helical Scan", "my-exabyte-config";
my-exabyte-config = 1,0x35,1024,0x39,4,0x14,0x15,0x90,0x8c,1;

The 0x35 corresponds to the MT_IS8MM type in the <sys/mtio.h> file, the 1024
the default block size, the 0x39 corresponds to various device flags
(ST_VARIABLE | ST_BSF | ST_BSR | ST_LONG_ERASE), followed by 4 density codes.
The final 1 is an index into the density codes and specifies the default one.

With this set up the following device names correspond to the following
write modes:

/dev/rmt/0l     8200 (low density)
/dev/rmt/0m     8500 (high density)
/dev/rmt/0h     8200C (low density, compressed)
/dev/rmt/0c     8500C (high density, compressed)

Rearrange the order of the density codes as desired. For example, one might
want medium density to be 8200C mode, and high density to be 8500 mode, in
which case the 0x15 and 0x90 should be switched so that /dev/rmt/0m is 8200C
and /dev/rmt/0h is 8500.

Ray Blaak

P.S. Thanks to those who offered to give me system patches.    

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