CPIO restore to a different directory ? - Solaris 2.3

CPIO restore to a different directory ? - Solaris 2.3

Post by Steve Thie » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 12:08:58

We back up our files using CPIO to an 8mm EXABYTE tape with the input
coming from a FIND command. On restoring a particular file from this
tape, I am unable to put it into a different directory to the one from
which it was backed up. Any ideas ?

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I am working on some recovery procedures on a AIX system at the moment. The
environment consists of two seperate servers with different file-systems and
mount points.

The source system is backed up regularly using a command along the following

find / -name '*files*' - print | cpio -ocvB > /dev/rmt0

I want to be able restore the files from that tape on the target system but
direct the files into a different directory due to file-system space

As the backups are using absolute referencing the cpio -id option is not

The closest I have come to solving the problem is something like

cpio -ircvB "*files needed*" < /dev/rmt0

but the interactive nature of this is undesirable as it is intended as
procedures for an operator which can be kicked off and require no human
interaction, not to mention the risk of typos

Does anybody have a solution for this possibly using celver tricks with
pipes and sed/awk etc. I am out of ideas.




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