Ultra2 LVD SCSI card on U5/U10

Ultra2 LVD SCSI card on U5/U10

Post by maxwell.. » Thu, 24 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Is anyone out there using an Ultra2 LVD SCSI card on a U5/U10?
If so which one (Antares, Intraserver..etc) and what are your thoughts

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1. Ultra2 LVD/SE SCSI Supported?

Does anyone know if FreeBSD supports LVD SCSI interface?
I'm looking into buying a SCSI card and want to get the fastest
possible. I'm considering the Tekram DC-390U2B or DC-390U2W
controller cards.
They use the Symbios 53C895 chipset.
They support Ultra2 LVD/SE, UltraWide, Ultra, and SCSI-2
I don't see any mention of these modes under the FBSD
Can anyone comment on the functionality of these controllers?
Or am I forced to use SCSI2 40MB/sec DC-390F?
The 390F uses the 53C875 chipset and is listed in the compatability
section of the handbook.

Please advise.



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