NFS performance problem

NFS performance problem

Post by Johan De Wi » Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

Seems nfs has a problem with us :

Saving a file on a nfs mounted FS, takes much longer than saving on local disk.  (10 times longer).

tried to install nfswatch, but no success.  Anyone knows of a good diagnose tool for 2.6 to monitor the nfs traffic ??

Pitty I don't have root access to the nfsserver (only one machine), but sunce the official admins are all in holiday, and are not responding to our perfermance problems, I will try to indicate the cause myself.



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I am running AIX 4.2 on two RS/6000 590 machines, one of which exports a
volume and the other imports this volume over NFS.  When we were running
AIX 3.251 a 60 Meg file would transfer in about 1min 12sec over NFS on a
FDDI connection.  Now this same transfer takes over 6 minutes on AIX
4.2.  We have tried going from the 4.2 system to an older 3.251 system,
but things are still very slow.  We have several sets of 580/590 test
systems so we set up tests and found that 3251 to 3251 NFS transfers
were quick and anything to/from 4.2 over NFS was slow.  Any ideas?  BTW
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-Brian Callicott

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