Using the Parallel Port on the Classic ?

Using the Parallel Port on the Classic ?

Post by Steve Goldfie » Wed, 22 Dec 1993 03:15:32

I'd like to connect a laserprinter to the parallel
port of my SPARCclassic server; I plan to use the
serial ports for other purposes and besides, I have
a parallel cable that is just long enough for the
job. I'm running AutoCAD R12 on the Sun and want
occasionally to print black/white drawings rather
than to use my color plotter.

I don't see any mention of the parallel port in
the AnswerBook (I'm still using Solaris 2.1,
though I'm about to upgrade to 2.3--maybe there's
something in the new AnswerBook) or in the AutoCAD

Does anyone have experience using the parallel port?
Does it have a device name similar to those for the
serial ports? If so, what is it?

Thanks for any help.

University of California at Berkeley     Richmond Field Station


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