Sparc5/Solaris 2.4/Hayes Accura 144 modem

Sparc5/Solaris 2.4/Hayes Accura 144 modem

Post by Jonathan BW Leona » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to get a serial port working for dial-in on my Sparc5 under
Solaris 2.4 with a Hayes Accura 144 modem.  As soon as the workstation
is powered on (even _before_ it starts to boot!) the send and receive
data leds on the modem come on solid.  Needless to say, this isn't a
very useful setup.

Unfortunately, every part of the setup works individually.  I hook the
modem up to a Mac or PC and it works.  I hook the Mac up to my
workstation with a null modem cable and it works.  I've tried three
different cables (two 25-pin straight, one 9-pin straight) to connect
the workstation to the modem, none works.  If I stick any of these cables
into the Mac-to-workstation setup, it does work.

I've tried both serial ports on the workstation with the same result.
(That's not a big surprize.)  I've tried a variety of eeprom settings:
    ttyx-ignore-cd=true and false
    ttyx-rts-dtr-off=true and false
    ttyx-mode=several speeds, bit, parity, and flow control options

It's fair to say that I'm stumped: the whole is distinctly less than the
sum of its parts.

Any ideas?


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Thanx in advance.


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