aspppd and IBM Global Network

aspppd and IBM Global Network

Post by Morgan Hennin » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello.  I am trying to get my Solaris 7/Intel machine to dial up to the
IBM Global network POP here in my town.  I tried using ppp-2.3.5, which
was able to dial to another ISP, but would not connect to the IBM POP.
It always reported a problem with "Timeout sending LCP request" or
something of the like.  Has anyone configured a Solaris machine to
connect to the IGN??  If so, can you summarize your method of doing
so??  I did a search on Dejanews a while back and had no luck...

Morgan Henning


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I am trying to connect to my ISP with pppd-2.3.
With pppd-2.2 I had no problems.
I used the scripts given by IBM on the internet and everything worked
I am trying to configure pppd-2.3 with the same scripts for days now but
no success so far. My modem is hanging up after the connection. Have no
idea why.
After a few sleepless nights I am about to give up.

Please Help??????

Greetings Martijn

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