Easy GUI for burning CDs

Easy GUI for burning CDs

Post by Andrew Brook » Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:15:31

I've written a simple user interface to mkisofs and cdrecord
for burning data CDs.  It was designed to be as easy to use as
possible, so I won't be adding options for hundreds of obscure
preferences!  Let me know what you think.




1. Need help with burning Linux CD's on a PC using Easy CD Creator 5

The Subject line pretty much says it all.

I downloaded the .iso files from a German server to my PC and the file
sizes all match up with what the site says they should be.  The hard
disk in the PC has been 'scandisk'd and 'speeddisk'd before and after
the download with no errors reported.  I believe the files to be error
free.  I'm using an HP CD Writer+ 9700k to burn the TDK discs.  I've
been using these discs for months for backups with no problems ever.

I'm using Easy CD Creator 5 to burn my RedHat LINUX 8.0 CD's and I keep
getting errors and it stops.  I'm using 700 MB disks, so there should be
plenty of space for the iso9660 information.  The error message is no
help.  It just says "unexpected error" when I try to write the first
'psyche' disk information to the CD.

A few months ago, somebody posted a very nice HOW-TO using Easy CD
Creator 5, but I can't find it anymore on my news server.  I've looked
all over the net and on the ROXIO website, but still found nothing that
would help.  I'm not sure I have the right options set on the burn
project or I'm not using the right procedure.  I have a laptop that I
can verify the CD's using MD5SUM (RH LINUX 7.1).  These disks are going
to be used to setup a virgin system with 8.0.  Any and all help is
sincerely appreciated.


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