newbie software installation question

newbie software installation question

Post by dirtyma » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 10:59:28

i'm wondering if anyone has any good advice for installing GNU CC and GNU
make in order to compile/install other packages.  i used the binaries from to compile and install my own copies into /usr/gnu.  i've
also compiled some other GNU packages into either /usr/gnu or /usr/local
(ie. bash, tcsh, readline, bison, zlib, etc).

my problem is that after spending all of the time getting a large quantity
of GNU packages installed i'm now  having trouble compiling some other
packages such as OpenSSL, OpenSSH and S/Key (not in that order).

a few packages i've tried to install have configure scripts that couldn't
find certain include files.  some of them had options to specify where
the files were, but not always. i'm not really sure how to go about
telling the configure scripts where the files are.

i don't quite understand the environment settings like CFLAGS, LDFLAGS,
etc.  however, from what i do know those are used during the actual make
process.  i need something that will aid in the configuration process.




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I downloaded the C-Kermit rpm, but the installation failed because of
dependency checks:  I was missing

I have (some version), so I just created a linked file
/usr/lib/ that points to the current version.  Installation
still failed, so I used the rpm --nodeps option.

Was this a bad idea?  C-Kermit installed and it works, but now when it
executes it warns of not being able to recognize the Linux terminal type.
How can I resolve this?  Do I need to install

I also downloaded Xfge (gnuplot for X) and that installation failed
because of a dependency check:  I was missing

Never heard of it, and can't find it in any of the usual places (i.e.  Does anyone know what it is and where I can find it, or
if I even need it?

Thanks a ton for the help, In Advance,


P.S. Ain't all this free software great?!  I'm going to start selling it
and start a flame war.  Oops, I guess I won't get any replies to this

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