x86: ATI xpert@play and AB2 install problems

x86: ATI xpert@play and AB2 install problems

Post by Aivar Jaene » Wed, 15 Apr 1998 04:00:00


i have two problems installing Solaris 2.6 x86 on a machine with ASUS

1. graphics card configuration didn't succeed with VDU update i took

multifrequency monitor settings - system hanged (is there any way to
move on from that point?). Then i accidentally tried 8M option and got
display somehow working. So I upgraded graphics board to 8M and display
works, i don't know how well, because i am quite novice with unix
systems. I still get at startup warning that my graphics card - window
settings are not correct, when i bypass kdmconfig at that time i get
Xwindows working. What could be the problem?

2. installing Answerbook2 i had error at SUNWab2u package at postinstall
section saying bad end or entry reading file
/usr/dt/appconfig/icons/C/Dtmanv.m_m.bm, postinstall script didn't
complete successfully. The same error came out later when installing
other packages + SUNWab2u is a prerequisite for some other packages.
I tried to search for the problem with pkgchk and looked at different
files, couldn't find the cause.
Then i reinstalled whole system with initial option. Now i reach error:
bad entry read on contents file, path name = /usr/dt/bin/dtsearchpath.
How should i debug these problems?

Any help is highly appreciated,


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