ANNOUNCE: Updated UPS debugger for Sun, Linux ELF available

ANNOUNCE: Updated UPS debugger for Sun, Linux ELF available

Post by Rod Armstro » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Updated contrib releases of UPS

This is an unoffical release, based on the last official release from
Mark Russell, version 3.14-beta. This version has been compiled and
tested on Solaris 2.5, Solaris 2.6 and SunOS 4.1.3, with the Sparc
Compilers SC4 and SC4.2, gcc/g++ 2.7.2, and the Centerline c and cfront/C++
compilers. Major reasons for this release are to correct bugs with reading
SC4 code and to provide initial support for Linux ELF.

Getting the release
The README and tar file are available from:

They are also at the mirror sites such as:

The same locations also have precompiled binaries for Solaris, SunOS and
Linux 2.0.27:


Unpacking the distribution
You should have a compressed tar file called ups-3.29-RGA.tar.gz Change
directory to a disk with a six or more megabytes of free space and say:

        gzip -dc ups-3.29-RGA.tar | tar xfp -

This will create a directory tree called ups-3.29-RGA. Change directory into it.

See the file README for build instructions.

Changes between 3.29-RGA and 3.28-RGA

o  Incorporates a native port for Linux ELF. Testing done on
   Linux 2.0.27 from Red Hat. One cannot debug core files at present.
   Attaching to a running process works, though the stack trace
   may be truncated with no functions displayed and one cannot do a "next"
   directly. Instead, set a breakpoint in the source after the attach point
   and "cont" - then the stack will right itself.

o  Includes support for"long long" and "long double" data types from

o  More fixes for SC4.2 code, mainly C++, and minor fixes for g++.
   This includes all patches previously posted to the UPS mailing list.
   Fixed problems with endless complaints and beeping about "can't open file"
   and "too many open files" for some targets. Source file listing now
   includes all files that UPS knows about. Can now read classes defined
   within classes for SC4.2. Fixed the reading of local static symbols -
   previously UPS complained "no such variable" for such symbols in some
   code compiled with SC4.

o  An "execute breakpoint" no longer deselects the breakpoint. One can
   now repeatedly execute some breakpoint code by re-pressing the
   execute caption. A useful application is to indirectly bump a
   symbolic subscript in an `add expr' (or set of `add expr's)  by
   incrementing the symbol in breakpoint code. For instance, one can
   walk through a linked list, showing two components, with expressions
   such as:


   and bump the scratch variable with breakpoint code of:


o  Static destructors are labelled "__STATIC_DESTRUCTOR" in the stack.

o  Updated the man pages and on-line help.

o  UPS now queries as to whether to automatically place breakpoints on
   all matches methods in C++ code.

o  A "ups -v" now produces:

        ups version 3.29-RGA (build date: Tue Nov 18 11:22:31 PST 1997)

Rod Armstrong


1. Update for UPS debugger (SunOS, Linux/a.out) available

The "2.54-RGA" version of UPS is NOT an official release. It is an
extension of the prior RGA patches, based on version 2.45.2 of UPS,
including functionality from version 3 of UPS.

The Linux port is included as it was for the earlier RGA patch. The port
was done by Rick Sladkey. Note that this supports the older "a.out" Linux
format only, not the newer "ELF" binaries.

(Also available is the 3.7 version that uses the gdb low level libraries and
works on machines that gdb supports. The 3.14 version is the native (non gdb)
port for Solaris and works with SC3, SC4, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 compilers.)

Where to get the new release
The files are available as:

and also:

After obtaining these files, change directory to a disk with a three or more
megabytes of free space and unpack with:

        gzip -dc ups-2.54-RGA.tar | tar xfp -

This will create a directory tree called ups-2.54-RGA.  Change directory
into it. You can then read the CHANGES and README files in the ups-2.54-RGA
directory for more details. MAN pages are in ups-2.54-RGA/ups/doc.
Details on building are in the README file.

o  A new menu allows selective compression of the source file list.

o  The save-state feature for signals no longer interferes with signals
    setup in a ~/.upsinit file.

o  UPS should find the right global variable, rather than a bogus entry.

o  Eliminated the interruption of debugging by signals that should not stop
   the target.

o  The "stop" button can be used to gracefully terminate a long search for a

o  Added an X resource option for fixing the trace stack for Purified or
   Quantified targets.

o  A new command line option, allows you to specify a state directory instead
   of using the default "ups-state".

Rod Armstrong

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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: Update for UPS debugger (SunOS, Linux/a.out) available

Distribution: world
Organization: Schlumberger Technologies, San Jose, CA.

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