Solaris/Motif program dumps core when displaying non-Solaris X-servers

Solaris/Motif program dumps core when displaying non-Solaris X-servers

Post by Trond Kristianse » Thu, 07 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Platform: Sparc Solaris 2.5.1, SPARCworks C4.0, CDE 1.0.2, Motif Release 1.2.3

Problem description:
We have a huge application.  When linked with the Motif libraries that
comes with CDE, the application works perfectly OK when displaying on
the CDE X server.  However, if we attempt remote display on an
X-server from a different manufacturer (HP/UX, Alpha OSF, SCO, Ultrix,
NuTCRACKER X-server for NT), the application dumps core.

When we try linking it with the IXI Motif libraries (v. 1.2.4), the
application works perfectly, whether displaying on Solaris, or other X

The application compiles, links, and runs without this bug on HP/UX,
OSF/1, SCO, and NuTCRACKER 1.6/NT4.0

Since we don't have access to the sources for the Motif libraries,
tracing this bug, is very hard.  We have been running it, using
purify, and a trace from purify is attached to this message.

Any assistance, and pointers to solutions highly appreciated!


- Trond

--------Purify trace of the first trap follows-------------------
      FMR: Free memory read (2 times)
      This is occurring while in:
            DrawToggleLabel []
            SetValues      []
            CallSetValues  [SetValues.c]
            XtSetValues    [SetValues.c]
            _xmsetwidg     [xwmotif.c:2222]
            xmoNSetEnum    [xwmotif.c:4991]
            dfFATDiaSetup  [xdfatrdia.c:1045]
            dfFATDiaGetSelec [xdfatrdia.c:1654]
            dfFATDialog    [xdfatrdia.c:1547]
            dfFATDiaInvoke [xdfatrdia.c:1458]
            df_attr_selcb  [xdfatrdia.c:619]
            df_sicallcb    [xdfbase.c:221]
            dfSDGcallSelecCB [xdfdgr.c:448]
            dfAppDoIntrinsic [xdfapp.c:1071]
            df_approc      [xdfapp.c:450]
            _xmprocmenu    [xwmotif.c:1897]
            _xmnextmenu    [xwmotif.c:1876]
            _xmnextcmd     [xwmotif.c:1991]
            ReadCommand    [branch.c:1006]
            brLoop         [branch.c:1042]
            metisMain      [metismain.c:519]
            main           [metis.c:60]
            _start         [crt1.o]
      Reading 4 bytes from 0x1139730 in the heap.
      Address 0x1139730 is 213 bytes past end of a freed block at 0x1139650 of 12 bytes.
      This block was allocated from:
            malloc         [rtlib.o]
            calloc         [rtlib.o]
            XtCalloc       [Alloc.c]
            MakeBindData   [TMstate.c]
            ComposeTranslations [TMstate.c]
            Initialize     []
            CallInitialize [Create.c]
            CallInitialize [Create.c]
            _XtCreate      [Create.c]
            _XtCreateWidget [Create.c]
            XtCreateWidget [Create.c]
            UrmCreateWidgetInstance []
            UrmCreateOrSetWidgetInstance []
            UrmCreateWidgetTree []
            UrmCreateWidgetTree []
            Urm__CW_LoadWidgetResource []
            Urm__CW_CreateArglist []
            UrmCreateWidgetInstance []
            UrmCreateOrSeArticle Unavailable


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