HELP: sendmail's -d option doesn't work under Solaris 2.2

HELP: sendmail's -d option doesn't work under Solaris 2.2

Post by Eddie Rober » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 22:31:56

I am currently running Solaris 2.2 on a SS10. While setting up
my, I attempted to use the debugging option with
        /usr/lib/sendmail -d35.9  -bt < /dev/null

The output of this command is:
        Enter <ruleset> <address>
        > #

According to the documentation I should have gotten output
showing the resolution of several macros. I went back and
tried this on a Sun IPX running SunOS 4.1.3 and received the
expected output:
   Version 4.1
   define(* as $*)
   define(+ as $+)
   define(- as $-)
   define(= as $=)
   define(~ as $~)
   define(% as $%)
   define(! as $!)
   define(# as $#)

   define(: as $:)
   define(> as $>)
   define(? as $?)
   define(| as $|)
   define(. as $.)
   define({ as ${)
   define(} as ${)
   define([ as $[)
   define(] as $])
   define(0 as $0)
   define(1 as $1)
   define(2 as $2)
   define(3 as $3)
   define(4 as $4)
   define(5 as $5)
   define(6 as $6)
   define(7 as $7)
   define(8 as $8)
   define(9 as $9)
   define(m as "")
   define(w as "xxxxxx")
   define(v as "4.1")
   define(b as "Tue, 30 Nov 93 08:12:29 EST")
   define(j as "\w")
   define(M as "ddn")
   define(R as " ddn-gateway")
   define(m as "")
   define(w as "")
   define(V as "SMI-4.1")
   define(n as "Mailer-Daemon")
   define(l as "From \g  \d")

   define(q as "\g\?x (\x)\.")
   define(e as "\j Sendmail \v/\V ready at \b")
   define(Z as "mail.byaddr")
   Enter <ruleset> <address>
   > nexsun#

   Is the sendmail shipped with Solaris 2.2 broken? If so
   is there a patch available?

   Is there some other way to get sendmail to perform debugging
   other than using the -d option?

   Thanks in advance,
        Eddie Roberts           National Weather Service


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