Does anyone know if Clarisworks for Win will run under Wabi?

Does anyone know if Clarisworks for Win will run under Wabi?

Post by Clin » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know if Clarisworks for Win 3.0 will run under Wabi 2.1?

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1. WABI: Which win games do run under Wabi?

Now (1996) There are some games on the market, which are
"Windows Compatible", wouldnt it ba a good compatibility
test to run this games? I tried SimIsle ... after a while
it crashes with an exception error. Since Win 3.1 does not
have Memory protection (yes we do have 1996), but Solaris 2.4
has (SunOS3.x already had it 1985) -- this may the problem.

WinNT has memory protection. The game "Battle Isle2" has the words
on its box "ready to run on WinNT", can someone of you
-- Who has Battle Isle 2 and WABI -- Make this test?!?

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