Can't ypcat on Solaris 2.2 yp server ( not nis+ )

Can't ypcat on Solaris 2.2 yp server ( not nis+ )

Post by -D.Rub » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 04:45:06


We have a Solaris 2.2 server set up as a yp server.  We used the Sun yp
package on the Solaris machine because were were having too many
disabling problems with nis+.  Anyways, everything is working fine from
the clients point of view.   Unfortunatly, on the yp server you cannot
run the ypcat command.  It returns with a "no such map in server's domain"
error.  We are also having problems on the server with programs finding
password information via the getpwuid() call I think.  We have our "main"
password file in /var/yp/passwd because the yp package is not compatible
with the shadow file.  The /etc/passwd file has root, daemon etc, but users
are not defined there.  The Makefile in /var/yp points to the /var/yp/passwd
file instead of the /etc/passwd file for the yp map...

Anyone know what is going wrong or had/have similiar experiences?

Thanks                                                              - Dan


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I am trying to set up two Sparcstation LXs as yp clients
with the master server being a Sun4/330 running Solaris 1.x.
The first Sparcstation was booted up as a NIS(yp) client and
all is fine. The second LX had the OS installed with the /etc
files (it was not on the net at the time). Now I want to add the
yp functionality and it doesn't seem to work. What I did was:

% ypinit -c
% /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypbind
% ypcat passwd
pillai:-------------:102:20:Vikram Pillai:/home/pillai:/bin/tcsh
kordon:-------------:203:22:Arthur Kordon:/home/kordon/:/bin/tcsh
%ypcat hosts carpenter-19.acs tuttifrutti.cns maclab14.che


% finger pillai
Login name: pillai                      In real life: ???
% telnet unknown host

The account does not seem to exist even though the maps seem
to have been transferred correctly. Logins are not allowed.
Same with the hosts map (doesn't use it even thought it exists).
Am I missing something here? The manual pages have shed no light
on this matter. Any help or pointers appreciated. If you *MUST*
tell me to RTFM, at least let me know which page of the M to read.
Email please. I'll forward to anybody who expresses interest.

ps: Is it possible to set up the LX(Solaris 2.2) as a slave
server to the Sun4(Solaris 1.x) master? Do I use nisinit or
ypinit? The manuals are none too clear...

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