Spell checking API - API to ISPELL needed

Spell checking API - API to ISPELL needed

Post by Manoj Agarwal » Tue, 19 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I need an API to ISPELL. I am planning to use ISPELL as
the spell checker in a word processing package we are developing.
I need function calls whereby I can check whether a particular
word exists in the dictionary. I also need an API which returns
posible choces for a particular word which does not exist in the

I would appreciate any help in this regard. Please copy me
by email on any replies posted since I am posting this to
quite a number of news groups. I don't want to miss any replies.

Thanks a lot.



1. HCON API/API programming ...

Hello communication programmers,

I wonder if anybody out there has succeeded creating and using a
connection to a VM/CMS through the g23_ library, using the MODE_API_T.

I made it work using the g32_get_data function, but I'd much rather use
the message interface, that is the g32_read() and g32_write() interface.

To make this short, I'd like some info on the following points:

1.      On the AIX side:

        a. I need to g32_open() the connection.  What exactly should the
                `flag' arg. be in order to use MODE_API_T.

        b. When using the g32_alloc, need I do anything else besides seting

        c. How do I know asynchronously when there are pending messages from
                the VM?  Is poll() or select() the only way, or can I get some
                signal from somewhere?

        d. What's the format of the message one receives when setting the
                g32_notify(as, True)?

2.      On the VM/CMS side (I'm a total nullity at this :-):

        a. The application I'm working with is written in PL/1 or Rex.
                Need it use any special I/O stuff so that I receive it as messag
                Can I just g32_read() whatever Rex say()'s?

Thanks guys.  I realy feel that the MODE_API_T is a much more sensible
(at least much more UNIX-like 8-) way of chatting w/ an IBM host, but just
can't make it work.

In case there's an answer to my prayers, pls. send it to

Thanks again


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