arp response, no ping response

arp response, no ping response

Post by Steve We » Wed, 07 Nov 2001 02:11:52

I am porting a working streams NIC driver from x86 to Sparc.  When I
ping the other machine, my driver is sending an arp request and
getting an arp response. I can see this using snoop on my local
machine. The data looks fine. My driver does not send an ICMP request.
There is also no entry in the arp table. Any ideas? Can I get debug
info from the TCP module?

Steve West


1. Slow Telnet response, fast rlogin response

I am running solaris 2.5 on a Sparc20, and I am using DNS for name service.  
When I Telnet to the machine from a remote site, I get very poor response.  It
works for about 1 minute, then hangs for ~1 minute.  If I Telnet to another
machine on our local ethernet, and rlogin to the Solaris 2.5 machine, the
response is fine.  This leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the
connection into my site.  Is there something I need to adjust.

                      Bryan Franz

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