Anon-ftp problems

Anon-ftp problems

Post by Krzys Muchorowski (Wars » Fri, 20 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hello everybody,
  I have problems setting up anon-ftp on SS5 with Solaris 2.4 - the 'dir'
command is not working. I have checked everything, learned man ftpd output
by heart and still nothing... Normal 'ls' works fine but 'dir' does not...
I have even deleted everything and run the script included in 'man ftpd'.
It run with small problems as it could not create somehow ticotsord in
~ftp/dev but other than that all was fine (and I do not use NIS). But all in
  Anyone has any ideas what could be wrong ? Please email me cause I do not
have much time to read this group regularly. And thanks in advance.

1. anon-ftp problem

I'm running RH 5.2 on an X86 box.

I'm having some problems with my anon-ftp service.  Specifically,
symbolic links are not followed for anon users.  Can anyone give me a
pointer on where to look for these settings?


Jeremy P. Campbell
DCIT, Systems Integration Group
Clemson University, USA
12I Poole Hall

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