1409: New Products Column 21

1409: New Products Column 21

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FlashBack 1409
                          New Products Column 21

December 1995    John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher      fl...@flashback.com

     This article is based upon the weekly New Products column that I
     product for IDG's SunWorld Online

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     Table of Contents


        * FP534 M.T. 5600 Automated Tape Library,5498 tape drive & 5499
          controller high performance automated storage solution


        * FP535 AIMS Internet Service Provider all-in-one solution
        * FP536 Compatibility Server recipient-based mail
          transformation utility
        * FP537 ICONIX CASE Powertools software design and enginering
        * FP538 InterViso 3.0 Object-Oriented database interface and
          connectivity system
        * FP539 RetrievalWare pattern recognition and semantic search
          for Netscape server
        * FP540 SmartWare PLUS WWW toolset extension to SmartWare PLUS



FP534: M.T. 5600 Automated Tape Library,5498 tape drive & 5499 controller
       Memorex Telex

       30 percent enhancement in cartridge mount performance, higher
       capacity, a significantly smaller footprint, and improved
       reliability, serviceability, and availability. Also provides
       support for LMS (Automated Tape Library software), extended
       scaleability and enhanced cartridge entry and exit with dual
       independant robotic accessors. Provides support of current 1/2
       inch linear cartridge tape and will also support future 3590
       compatible technology. (350 mounts per hour, from 2,330 to
       48,508 cartridges, accommodates up to 116 terabytes of
       compressed data, up to 32 controllers, up to 64 tape drives)
       Platforms: Unix, OS/400, VM, MVS



FP535: AIMS -- Aimnet Corporation

       Features Billing Module, Data Collection, Invoice Generator,
       Credit Card Transactions, Accounts Receivable, Credit
       Collection, Exception Handler Sales Module, Customer Database,
       Sales FAQ, Purchase Orders Customer Service Module, Customer
       Installation Scheduling, Domain Name Applications, Telco Line
       Orders, Equipment Orders Trouble Ticket Module, Trouble Ticket
       Agent, Technical Support FAQ, Problems Reported via E-mail or
       WWW, POP Management Module, POP Installation Scheduling, POP
       Capacity Tracking, Equipment Orders, Inventory Control Module,
       Item Order Scheduling, Item Tracking System System
       Administration, User Configuration, Backup, Automatic Sign-up
       Client / Registration Server. Supported languages: English,
       Japanese, Chinese.  Platforms: Unix, Windows, and Macintosh

FP536: Compatibility Server -- Clarity Software

       User-profile-based email interceptor and transformer for
       communicating within hetrogenous application and hardware
       environments. Automatically handles file ID conventions, mail
       system requirements, and user-preferred application formats.
       User-transparent conversion to pre-defined native format.
       Platforms: Unix, Windows, DOS, Macintosh; Sendmail, MIME,
       CC-Mail, MS-Mail, Quickmail; most document formats; most
       graphics formats.

FP537: ICONIX CASE Powertools -- ICONIX

       CASE package that offers full life-cycle support for software
       development. Consisting of 10 modules that can be used as either
       standalone or combined to form a custom, integrated development
       environment, PowerTools supports four of the popular
       Object-Oriented methods, including Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Booch and
       Coad/Yourdon. Also featuring C++ code generation. Extensive SQA
       information, including requirements, test cases, bug reports and
       change requests are all integrated with the models. Supports the
       major phases of the system development life cycle including
       analysis, design, coding and the management of complex systems.
       Methodologies include Hybrid Object-Oriented and Fully
       Object-Oriented, Data-Driven, Structured and Real-Time.
       Platforms: Sun, HP, SGI, RS6000, DEC Alpha, Macintosh, DOS,
       Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, OS/2, NextStep and Linux

FP538: InterViso 3.0 -- Data Integration Inc.

       Integrates data from distributed heterogeneous data sources
       (flat files, DBMS, RDBMS) into one virtual relational database.
       Data sources may be accessed and maintained through InterViso
       relational views and SQL statements. Object-Oriented; ANSI '92
       SQL; ODBC level 2.0. InterViso server interfaces to virtually
       any data source through native RDBMS interfaces, 3rd party
       gateways, and an adaptable ToolKit feature for user-created file
       structures and applications. InterViso dynamically transforms
       data to common formats, performs joins, and provides distributed
       transaction management as required.  Platforms: Solaris 1 & 2,
       AIX; Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and Ingres; extended SQL; clients:
       x-windows or PC

FP539: RetrievalWare -- Excalibur Technologies Corp

       Using the Netscape Server API, the RetrievalWare module can be
       loaded as a shared library into any Netscape server for
       high-volume Web applications. Uses Adaptive Pattern Recognition
       Processing and semantic network searching, simultaneously
       leveraging the underlying patterns of digital information, and
       the actual meaning of words.  Platforms: all Netscape servers

FP540: SmartWare PLUS -- ANGOSS Software

       Includes HTML forms generation, remote RAD access, Internet
       Server Monitor, and Internet Account Administration. Toolset
       only available for use within Smartware.  Platforms: Unix, DOS,
       Windows, Windows 95, NT, and Linux

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