purchase of solaris x86

purchase of solaris x86

Post by Mark Mo » Thu, 12 May 1994 11:55:27

Solaris x86 (os only! - no tools) in Perth, Western Australia is $1,800 Aust.
Does anyone know where I can get a copy for a reasonable price?


purchase of solaris x86

Post by United States Information Cor » Fri, 13 May 1994 03:04:44

Can't you contact a SunSoft representative in your area??... I just
purchased Solaris x86 v2.1 for $695 complete w/ NFS/NIS, TCP/IP,
X-Windows (if only it would work on my VGA card) plus it is pretty
much compatible w/ most software PD software... The only thing it does
lack is a compiler/dev system.



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Hi everyone,

        I am getting ready to buy a PC (probably a 486) so I can run
some Windows applications. I also want this PC to be able to flexboot to
Solaris 2.4. Can someone send me a copy of the compatibility sheet for
Solaris 2.4 on x86 platforms? How much is a stand-alone copy of Solaris
2.4 worth these days? If I buy a stand-alone, do I also get all the
network related software ?

        Thanks for the help.


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