need improved TIP

need improved TIP

Post by Sammy » Sat, 11 Sep 1993 07:14:53

I need a replacement for tip.  My problems include:
        tip doesn't understand all of the high-speed modems I have
        tip times out before my high-speed modem gets synced
        tip doesn't understand [xyz]modem file transfers
        tip doesn't have a scripting language
Existing versions that I have found (using archie) are all two or
more years old, from when SLIP support was new.

1. Need a tip for tip

I am connectiong two SPARC20 (Solaris 8) through null modem cable, local
host using port B, remote host using port A, when I type:    tip hardwire
I got "Connected", but nothing else happens afterward, what should I do to
get prompt so I can login?

Thanks a lot.

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