Help: Boot error "File not found" sol7 x86

Help: Boot error "File not found" sol7 x86

Post by Tony Holro » Sat, 27 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone please help me with this.

I've installed Solaris 7 x86 on my PC and been using it for a while.
Without any reason it now gets to the secondary boot and after the (b)
or (i) prompt it says

Run Error: File not found.
could not run now

The setup of the PC is

ide1 - master: IBM 10G Hdisk
ide1 - slave: cdrom
ide2 - master: ibm .25G Hdisk
ide2 - slave: none.

(all ide are on the motherboard)

The 10G is partitioned
part1 - Dos Windows (2G)
part2 - Dos extended (4G)
part3 - Solaris (2G)
part4 - Linux (2G)

the .25G is partitioned
part1 - Linux (100M)
part2 - Type 82 made Solaris swap
part3 - Type 82 made Linux swap

After a lot of trouble getting it to install on the 10G drive Solaris
has worked for a number of weeks.  The only difference I can think of
is that I shut down Sol with reboot rather than the usual halt.  I've
only seen this error before if I try to swapon the solaris partition
from Linux but this time I hadn't even booted to linux before the
problem surfaced.

I've tried to do an update from the Solaris CD and it can see the
hdisk partitions and slices fine.

Any help on how I can get this system back to booting without a whole
re-install would be gratefully received.



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