Help needed with ksh history on Ultrix/OSF1/Solarix2

Help needed with ksh history on Ultrix/OSF1/Solarix2

Post by Alain Ninane - FY » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 17:24:05

I'm working in an environment with Ultrix 4.3(a), OSF1/3.0 and
Solaris 2.x boxes.  Since the beginning of the year, I use ksh as
my default shell instead of my 8 years favorite csh ...

Up to now, I find ksh more efficient than csh.  However, I do have
a minor but annoying problem.  When I rlogged from an Ultrix to an
OSF1 and/or a Solaris system, my Ultrix history gets corrupted.

Displaying the history gives:

% history
119     120     121     122     123     124     125     126     127     128    1
29      130     131     132     133     134     %

My .profile has still a minimal configuration and do not modify
the default HISTFILE/HISTSIZE variables, so all history goes to
the $HOME/.sh_history.  BTW, the .sh_history looks good.

Does anyone has experienced this before ?


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