HELP!!! Looking for feedback!

HELP!!! Looking for feedback!

Post by Michael R. Elg » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 02:34:39

Hello All,

I am new to this news group but not new to solaris.  I am looking for
feedback from peoplpe who have used Solaris x86 with other Sun machines.
For example Sparc 10 running Solaris 2.2 or higher.  We are trting to
decide if it is possible to do development on the high end PC where the final
product will reside on the sparc 10.

Some background might help. We have the requirement to develop a large software
product that will be hosted on a series of Sparc 10.  There will be a user
interface that will be done in X11R5 and Motif.  The number of developers that
will be involved is around 40 but may grow to around 80.  The simple solution
would be to by Sparc 10 for every one and all the supporting software.  Thats
the easy solution.  I have been assigned the task of coming up with a smarter
and cheaper way of accomplishing this.

On group is looking at a sparc server with all the needed software and
X terminals.  My approach is to use the Sparc 10 as disk farms and then
use Pentium machines as dataless clients.  I would like to attach between 8
and 10 PC's per Sparc 10.  Has anyone tried this and if so what are your

One concern I have is that the developers will write code on the x86 that
will not seamlesslly recompile on the sparc 10.  Assuming there is no
special device drivers required is this concern valid.  I have had x86 for
three months and found that most of the free software that I have tried
to compile that was convereted for sunos5.1 compiled and worked on my
solaris 2.1 on my 486.  I feel my experience is to limited to make an
accurate assesment.

Any Ideas????????

Any Comments ??????

Please feel free to email me directly.  If there is enough interest I will
post my findings

Thanks in advance.

Mike Elges

Michael Elges


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