Mount USB mass storage on SunBlade 100/Solaris 8

Mount USB mass storage on SunBlade 100/Solaris 8

Post by Just » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 10:02:11

I'm trying to mount a USB SmartMedia card reader on a Sunblade 100
under Solaris 8. The card reader is an OmniFlash "Uno!" - it claims to
work with Solaris and even has the Sun logo on the packaging.

I think I need to work out which device to mount.

When I plug the card reader in I get the following such messages in

Aug  5 20:05:07 biermann usba: [ID 855233] USB-device:

Aug  5 20:05:07 biermann usba: [ID 349649]     , USB
SmartMedia  , 2552EDA465
Aug  5 20:05:07 biermann genunix: [ID 936769] scsa2usb1 is

Aug  5 20:05:07 biermann genunix: [ID 408114]

Aug  5 20:05:08 biermann scsi: [ID 193665] sd2 at scsa2usb1:
target 0 lun 0
Aug  5 20:05:08 biermann genunix: [ID 936769] sd2 is

Aug  5 20:05:08 biermann genunix: [ID 408114]

biermann% pwd

biermann% ls

A similar post suggested running "iostat -En" to get the device name,
but I just get "sd2" again as shown below (I've removed info on the
hard disc and CD-ROM):

sd2             Soft Errors: 0 Hard Errors: 0 Transport Errors: 0
Vendor: OEI-USB  Product: SmartMedia       Revision: 1.00 Serial No:
Size: 0.00GB <0 bytes>
Media Error: 0 Device Not Ready: 0 No Device: 0 Recoverable: 0
Illegal Request: 0 Predictive Failure Analysis: 0

"cfgadm -v -al" shows the following (disc and CD-ROM stuff removed):
Ap_Id                          Receptacle   Occupant     Condition
When         Type         Busy     Phys_Id
scsa2usb1:scsi                 connected    configured   unknown
Dec 31  1969 scsi-bus     n      

scsa2usb1:scsi::sd2            connected    configured   unknown  
Dec 31  1969 disk         n      

I've tried restarting vold to see if it does anything, but with no
luck. The machine is seeing the USB device and can at least tell it's
a SmartMedia affair - there must be some way to get it working!

Has anyone got any ideas on how to find the device name? (I'm not
running CDE if that makes a difference.)

I emailed their customer support a couple of weeks back but have heard

Any help gratefully received!



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