OpenWin Filemgr: 'cannot open file: too many files open' ?

OpenWin Filemgr: 'cannot open file: too many files open' ?

Post by Hugo Frappie » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Here's a strange problem with the FileManager in Solaris 2.3.  The
only way to fix it right now is to restart the file manager over.

 When double-clicking on a text file, file manager is set-up to
 start textedit on that file.  I quit textedit.  I double-click
 on a text file again.  And I quit again textedit.  I can do that
 approximately 54 times.  After that, you can't open any file or
 change directory within FileManager.

Does anybody know if this is a configuration problem or a bug ?
And if it's a bug, is there any patch for it ?


Hugo Frappier


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Hi there
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