Base lining of processes of a solaris

Base lining of processes of a solaris

Post by mik » Thu, 01 May 2003 18:26:42


has anybody done baseline of your solaris box's processes??
something like, take a snapshot of the processes running on your box,
they are legitimate, save a copy of the snapshot and do a script to
the processes against this snapshot periodically? If there are new
processes then alert the administrator

If you have please tell me is it worth it because i would think there
is much more to it ( some difficulties u have faced?? )than the steps
i described.



1. Removing lines from text file based on line number


I am using ksh on HPUX 10.2 and I need help on the following:
If I have a text file 5000 - 6000 lines long and I grep for a string using
the -l option to print the line number that the string occurs on, is there
a way, through ksh to print out the lines starting from the position
returned from grep to the end of the file? So if grep finds the string on
line 1500 of 3000 lines, I want to print lines 1500 - 3000. This is just an
example, chances are I won't be printing 1500 lines to the screen. I've
tried using "tail -n <line returned by grep> textfile" but I've had mixed
results when working with large files. This will be a temp file I'm working
with so removing lines 1 - 1499 is fine too. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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