Is WABI working under SunOS4.1.3 & OpenWin3 (Solaris1.1)???

Is WABI working under SunOS4.1.3 & OpenWin3 (Solaris1.1)???

Post by Ray F » Sat, 11 Dec 1993 03:46:21

Is WABI Working under Solaris 1.1 (SunOs4.1.3 & OpenWindows3)???

If so, I have no reason to upgrade the OS from Solaris 1.1 to 2.3.

When would WABI be released officially? Any idea about the price?
It seems that it could be got ONLY if Solaris 2.3 is bought now.

Only thing I'm interested in is to have a spread-sheet program
to run on my workstation, but the choice for that seems to be
very limited, and WABI is one of the better choices.

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        Any information is greatly appreciated.

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