How to combine audio with MPEG movies?

How to combine audio with MPEG movies?

Post by HO Siu-chu » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am currently experimenting the SunVideo capture board.  What I want to do
is to capture video into a single mpeg file but the capture card seems to do
the video capture to a mpg file but the audio goes to another .au file.

How can I combine the mpeg image file with the .au audio file into a single
MPEG movie file?

If there is no single utility to combine these two file, is there any
indirect method to join these files.  

Or better, is there any utility to capture video and audio into a single
file at the first instance?

I should state that the qt2mpeg, convmpeg3 things don't work for me, have
I done anything wrong?

Email please.


-Dennis HO


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